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How much does LEDBiz cost?


your team can access the LEDBiz mobile and web apps.

Schedule and Assign Audit Tasks

You can schedule and assign audit tasks, and there’s no limit to the number of users, projects, providers, or subcontractors that can access your LEDBiz accounts.

You can also create basic private branding for your company using an LEDBiz URL at no additional charge.

  • Personalized, branded portals using a custom iFrame tag or custom URL cost is an extra fee.
  • Raw audit data (in .txt, .csv, or .xls) can be purchased based on the estimated value of the project.
  • All audit data, the custom LEDBiz proposal builder, our exclusive energy rebate finder, and the LEDBiz product database are available for the estimated value of the project.

No Signup Fees

There are no signup fees, upfront costs, retainers, monthly or annual subscription fees, or hidden backend fees. Fees are only assessed on a per project basis.

Additionally, we make it easy for you to split the cost of data and LED lighting proposals with key partners and stakeholders (OEMs, general contractors, etc.).

Unique, custom designed programs are available for high-volume, large enterprise clients.

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