LED UV-C for Disinfecting Offices and Schools

LED UV-C for Disinfecting Offices and Schools


LED UV-C technology has been trending recently for its role in disinfecting areas from various viruses, germs, and other bacteria. It is critical in post-pandemic situations to keep our loved ones safe at home, the workplace, and educational institutions.

UV-C LED lights can easily kill the harmful germs around us to make sure a clean and safe environment. These devices can be used in any place including homes, hospitals, schools, offices, public places, and bus stops.

Let’s read more about UV-C LEDs. And how do they help us remove such microorganisms?

What are UV-C Radiations?

UV-C radiations are rays that disinfect the air, water, and other surfaces against viruses, bacteria, germs, and other infections. UV-C radiations have a wavelength of 100-280 nm. These rays can kill dangerous microorganisms very easily.

The UV-C radiation can even kill all viruses, including the latest coronavirus and the SARS-CoV-2 virus to a detectable range.

UV-C Radiations for Human Benefit

The UV-C types of rays are artificially generated to benefit humans in various fields including health and food production to kill strong microorganisms including viruses and bacteria.

These radiations are used to remove germs from the air, water, and other surfaces in hospitals, schools, offices, and other important locations.

UV-C radiations benefit humans due to the following features:

They effectively remove 99.9% of viruses from every surface.

LED UV-C emits 360 degrees of light around any of the devices and disinfects every place in a room.

Instant results
LED UV-C disinfects any surface and provides instant results.

The UV-C LED sensors
The UV-C LED sensors accurately measure the distance from objects and walls and result in a seamless removal of infections.

Does LED UV-C remove SARS Covid?

The radiation from LED UV-C destroys the outer protein coating of the SARS-Coronavirus which results in the destruction of the virus.

But it comes with a few limitations:


Direct exposure is required
UV-C radiation can only completely destroy if the virus is directly exposed to UV radiation. However, it is not 100% effective due to the factors like dust, soil, and other contaminants.

Dose and duration
Although they can easily disinfect the air, UV-C LEDs cannot completely kill the virus because they are low in dose.

7 Reasons Why You Should Install LED UV-C for Disinfecting Offices and Schools

  • UVC disinfection light
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, germs & mold
  • UVC Wavelength of 270-280nm
  • Microwave Sensor and Fixture options
  • Bright UV output
  • Germicidal irradiation
  • Suitable for all indoor environments

UV-C LEDs for Offices

Reduces infection caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus
With the rise of Coronavirus, health risks have increased significantly. Various types of viruses and germs can be found in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and other surfaces. It is extremely important to make a clean and germs-free space wherever you live including your office.

The office is such a busy place and many employees work in a commonly shared workplace. Therefore, it is important to make sure a clean office space using the UV-C LED.

LED UV-C emits radiations that have been popular in disinfecting air, water, and other services. The LEDs have been experimentally proven to reduce infection including the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It plays a critical role in the protection of the offices.

Studies have confirmed that Covid-19 can be inactivated using UV-C radiation. Since the virus can linger on a surface from a few hours to a couple of days, therefore it is important to disinfect that place with VU-C.

You can use a range of UV-C infecting LED lamps or any other luminaries that have UV light technology and they can easily kill germs.

Install UV-C LEDs, they can remove these harmful germs. The light-emitting from such devices can easily kill the microorganism in the air, water, and food. Moreover, it can help us remove germs from other surfaces including walls, floors, tables, chairs, laptops, and other official stuff.

UV-C LEDs for Schools

In the United States, a total of 55 million pupils and 7 million staff attend 130,000 schools, and they are susceptible to airborne diseases and viruses including the common cold, influenza, and Covid.

UV-C for infection control
UV-C destroys various molds, viruses, bacteria, and other superbugs. The UV-C wavelength kills almost 99.9% percent of the viruses.

So how do you control that?

You can install LED UV-C in classrooms, childcare centers, gymnasiums, lockers, and anywhere else where there’s a higher chance of getting infected.

Like any other place, the UV-C LEDs are a must-have device at schools. Hospitals and schools are the most important spots to protect lives from such viruses. With efficient use of such LED UV-C, you can ensure a healthy and clean environment for the students at school.

With UV-C LEDs, it is easier for you to take care of your staff and students. At OrderZone we are committed to providing LED UV-C that can help you disinfect schools. We suggest that you try UV-C LED lights and ensure a healthy life at your school, college, and university.

With quality education, your health is also important. That’s why we recommend you install the UV-C LED at the institution so that you can protect all the students at your institution. You can create a healthy and safe environment with UV-C disinfection so that students can focus on their education without any fear.

Why choose OrderZone?

Over the past 13 years, we have been helping thousands of B2B and B2C clients. We provide products that are developed after complete research and study. Our expert consultants always give us suggestions to fulfill the needs of customers. That’s why we have developed quality LED UV-C appliances that can completely remove all types of germs at your school, office, home, and other places.

Our experience helped us to develop a broad range of products that can benefit our customers in many ways. The LED UV-C can disinfect the air inside the room, water, other and all the other surfaces including chairs and offices. Moreover, our customers always choose the affordable rates we offer for such quality products


In a post-pandemic situation, it’s extremely important to make sure a clean and safe environment around us including hospitals, schools, offices, public places, etc. Among many other solutions, one thing that can make sure your safety is UV-C LED technology.

OrderZone we ensure your safety comes first. We suggest you install UV-C LED for the safety of your loved ones.

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