How a Commercial LED Lighting Retrofit Can Earn You Energy Rebates

How a Commercial LED Lighting Retrofit Can Earn You Energy Rebates

We take a look at how you might actually earn energy rebates for your commercial LED lighting retrofit.

Simply put, the demand for energy from utility companies is inefficient, erratic and time-sensitive. That sometimes makes it not very profitable to pump out electricity to their power hungry customers. Lighting makes up 17% of commercial energy usage in the United States, so it’s worth it for utility companies to incentivize you for using more efficient forms of lighting. If you can prove to them that you’re using energy-efficient LED lighting, you may well get a handy rebate to offset the cost of converting to commercial LED products.

Shedding some light on utility company rebates for commercial LED lighting.

  • The authority for commercial energy efficient lighting is the Design Lights Consortium (DLC).
  • The DLC has an approved list of over 300,000 lighting products that are 50% more efficient than regular lighting solutions.
  • Currently there are over 6,500 different kinds of rebates available on DLC qualified products.
  • Those rebates are available from 240 different utility programs.

What’s the catch? Well it can be a little bit time consuming and maybe even complicated to apply and receive your LED lighting energy rebate.In general however, there are two types of rebates:

  • Prescriptive rebate – usually more straightforward as it’s often a fixed amount per bulb. The rebate provider has specific criteria for products so you can be pretty sure what the rebates will be straight away.
  • Custom rebate – usually the most flexible as you can work with the utility provider for more complicated jobs that a prescriptive rebate may not cover.

The good news? We’re here to help with the pesky rebate stuff. It’s our job (and mission) to make the process of retrofitting commercial LED lighting as simple as possible, including sorting out energy rebates. If you’d like to see how we can help, give us a message and we’d be happy to give you some free advice.

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