Make lighting retrofits more efficient while winning more contracts with our cloud-based auditing solutions

LEDBiz makes it easy for your team to conduct audits and create detailed, project winning proposals.

Create Comprehensive,
Custom Proposals

Generate proposals designed to show your clients a detailed cost benefit analysis and provide them with good, better and best retrofit options to suit their budget and specific requirements. Eliminate your need for clipboards, legal pads, pencils and spreadsheets by maintaining audit and proposal data securely in the cloud in a central repository.

Quickly Locate and Select the Best LED Product for Your Specific Application

Use LEDBiz’s comprehensive database to select from a portfolio of LED products eliminating the need for physical product catalogs, time-consuming research and guesswork.

Discover Cost-Saving Rebates, Credits and Incentives

Our cloud-based incentive and rebate database lists all possible credits for your clients to ensure the best possible financial outcome.

Support for Internal Teams and Third Party Collaborators

Add multiple auditors to your lighting projects. You can assign, schedule, and track the progress of your audits, as well as receive real-time updates. Enable third-party providers, contractors or consultants to assist in the audit process.

Cloud-Based, Conveniently Mobile and Highly Scalable

All LEDBiz data is securely stored in the cloud. Our application is built to grow with your business, no matter how many clients you have.