Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Our pricing strategy is simple, straightforward, and economical. The all-access subscription fee is $79.00 per month per user. Subscribers willing to pay upfront for an annual subscription receive a 15% discount. Additionally, companies requiring fifteen (15) or more users can qualify for a group discount. Please contact us for more information.

Our pricing policy is designed to be transparent. We do not utilize pricing gimmicks such as quick start fees, configuration charges or multi-month commitments. Our subscribed users gain unfettered access to the LEDBiz® technology platform, unlimited cloud storage, free LED product catalog integration and routine system upgrades. Additionally, users can request web-based training, phone support and, email support at no extra charge. Other services such as on-site training, custom software enhancements and private branding are separate, and fee based. Please contact us for more information.

Absolutely. The LEDBiz® subscription plan does not require long term contracts or commitments. Users can cancel their subscription at any time.

Absolutely. Your data is your property. Any time during your active subscription, you can easily download your data to a text file, M/S Excel worksheet or XML file. Additionally, if you elect to disengage with LEDBiz®, we will provide you with your data along with all archived audit images.

LEDBiz® functions as a professional software engineering firm. We will never compete with our valued clients. As a result, we do not sell products (luminaires, lamps, or controls), we do not offer auditing services and we do not attempt to increase our revenue by financing retrofit projects. You can expect us to operate as a loyal and professional technology partner.

There are no limits. Once you are subscribed to LEDBiz®, you can add an unlimited number of customers, projects and audits.

LEDBiz® is designed to be extremely easy to use. Once you add your clients, suppliers, and projects to the system, LEDBiz® makes the auditing process simpler, more accurate, and faster than ever before. Additionally, you can reach out to our team to receive free web-based training.

No. Typically, most employees already own a camera equipped Android mobile phone or Apple iPhone. Plus, our web application can be accessed using any web browser ( Our mobile apps are designed to work with both the Android and iOS platforms. There is no need to purchase expensive tablets or other hardware components to utilize the LEDBiz® system.

Most teams complete their audits and any subsequent revisions 50-75% faster than they do using traditional tools and resources.

LEDBiz® significantly reduces many of the common causes of auditing errors such as manual data transcription, data re-entry, and mistakes made while cutting and pasting data from one field to another. As a result, so long as you don’t miss a fixture (for example, one hidden behind a closed door), you can expect your audit to be closer to error-free than ever before.

Yes. LEDBiz® makes it easy to produce quotes for GOOD, BETTER, and BEST LED lighting options based on your clients’ budget. Your proposals can be quickly edited or revised.

Yes. Upon project approval, LEDBiz® gives you easy access to a bill of material, scope of work (SOW), labor instructions, detailed project plan and purchase order capabilities to help you quickly and efficiently perform the retrofit project.

Yes. LEDBiz® can be private branded for your company or organization for an additional fee. Please contact us for details.

Yes. The LEDBiz® application supports multiple audit teams. The application also supports using a combination of internal auditors (your employees) and third-party providers (3PP).

Yes. LEDBiz® supports an unlimited number of simultaneous projects.

LEDBiz® is a wholly-owned subsidiary of, LLC. We are a Chicago, Illinois-based company. OrderZone® began operations in 2008. We are family-owned and operated. We are NOT backed by venture capital or beholden to the interests of outside investors.