Commercial LED lighting retrofit

Commercial LED lighting retrofit


Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of a commercial LED retrofit.

We’ll be honest, we get the “is it worth it?” question, a lot. Like a lot, a lot. But luckily it’s an easy one for us to answer. We get it though, it’s just lighting right? Why bother with a commercial LED lighting retrofit? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Not to mention the hassle of going through the whole process of figuring out what you need, how much you need and where to put it; the to-do list can make it seem simply not worth your valuable time.

Let’s try and shed some light on the whole thing; while the benefits of a Commercial LED lighting retrofit are almost too many to fit into this humble little blog entry, but lets do a quick scan of exactly why you should do it, and how easy the process of a commercial LED retrofit can be.

  • Return on investment – this is the most obvious benefit of an LED retrofit. The energy department estimates switching to LED lighting can save you at least 75%[3]  on your lighting bill.
  • It lasts longer – by retrofitting with LEDs, your new LED lighting system will last eight to 10 times longer than other bulbs, which means you’ll be getting the ladder out a lot less often. 
  • Versatility – An LED lighting retrofit isn’t just about desk side lamps, it can bathe everything in a new light, from your products to your staff to your customers. Even that flickering fluorescent company sign outside that’s making you look like a bad casino.
  • More control – You’ll never have to have worry about Dave the Janitor leaving the lights on again. With a comprehensive lighting retrofit you can achieve almost full automation with timers, dim-ability, occupancy sensors and even smartphone control.
  • It’s a better light – LED lighting contains no filament, mercury or other hazardous material. It’s more durable than traditional lighting and is flicker free. It might also help you sleep better at night; with an LED retrofit, your lighting can actually be synced with your circadian rhythm to be more productive at work and better rested at home.
  • The process of commercial LED retrofitting is actually hassle free. offers a complete, end to end solution for commercial LED retrofitting with software designed to remedy frustrations faced in the energy retrofit process. We cover the auditing, LED retrofit calculations and proposal creations, saving you genuine time and money.

It’s our job (and mission) to make the process of commercial LED lighting as simple as possible. If you’d like to see how we can help, give us a message and we’d be happy to give you some free advice.

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