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LEDBiz® cloud-based and mobile-friendly solutions make our LED lighting retrofit software accurate,
highly efficient and profitable.


Why LED Lighting?

Converting inefficient lighting systems to LED can generate significant cost savings.

LED lighting lasts longer, consumes less energy, and requires less annual maintenance.

Because of this, commercial and industrial facilities around the world are switching to LED lighting – making this one of the biggest financial opportunities in decades for lighting suppliers, ESCOs, wholesale distributors, and electrical contractors.

Comprehensive, Scalable, and Structured

Success in the lighting retrofit market requires LED energy audit software that is comprehensive, scalable, and structured.

Many lighting professionals find it difficult to maintain accuracy and efficiency while minimizing audit time and expenses.

LEDBiz® is a robust software platform built to make your retrofit projects easier to manage. Contractors, retrofitters, distributors, and ESCOs like you are using LEDBiz® to improve their close rates by as much as 60%.


How it works:

roles_permissionsMultiple levels, roles
and user permissions

task_managementTask management functions

workflowMulti-step workflow
and alerts
photosPhotos, markups, annotations  and
file embedding
custom_brandingCloud-based Mobile and Desktop Capabilities

integrationsAPI’s and Software Integration

reportsReports and Dashboards

Learn more is engineered to:


Automate your retrofit operations including on-site audits and proposals


Provide you with an accurate, online portfolio of LED lighting options


Eliminate your need for clipboards, pads, pencils, and spreadsheets


Help you manage lighting retrofit projects with real-time updates and progress tracking


Reduce your time, labor, and other operating costs by up to 75%

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